• Crowwwn

Update 21.3

In this release, we have a few minor updates that are focused on improving your experience. We also hope that the improvements will continue to help us build a strong united community.

Want Feedback?

We have added a field within the submission menu to allow you to select whether or not you want feedback on your work.

Submit design modal

If you select "Yes" a "Feedback Wanted" tag will show on your submission for 7 days. This lets the community know you're open to feedback as well as lets us know you want us to review your design.

Example of the feedback wanted tag on a submission

Explore Page

We made a minor update to the explore page so it now shows the winners followed by the submission with the most upvotes.

Before this update, the winners were showing and the last image was random. We thought the user with the most upvotes deserved some recognition so they will now be featured when viewing the explore page on our website (not on mobile).

Thanks for reading!