A Weekly UX Design Challenge

Crowwwn is the best place to practice design, get feedback, and win prizes. Unlike other design challenges, we focus on giving you direct feedback so you continue to grow each week.

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Why should I participate?

Get Feedback (On Every Submission)

The Crowwwn team will leave constructive feedback on each design you submit, so you can continue to grow each week.

Win Prizes

Each week we give away a cash prize to the winners of our challenges. If you win, you can choose to redeem the money as a gift card, cash out using PayPal, or donate it to charity. Prizes vary depending on Country.  

Get Featured

Each week we send out an email to the entire Crowwwn community announcing the winners and showcasing their work. Winners will also be featured on our social media pages.

Earn a Crowwwn Certificate

While winning prizes is great, we also want you to remember your achievement so we send each winner a digital Crowwwn Certificate that they can print out or share digitally.

Crowwwn is for designers at all skill levels

New Designers

Crowwwn offers new designers a way to practice design tools, build case studies, get feedback on their work, and meet new designers from all around the world.


Crowwwn offers students a way to practice the things they are learning in school and get feedback from designers outside of the classroom.


Crowwwn also offers a way for students to meet and connect with professional designers.


It doesn't matter whether you have been designing for 5 months or 5 years, weekly practice allows you to grow as a designer as well as stay updated on new tools and trends.


How does it work?

1. Design

Use the weekly prompt to design a unique solution to a problem. Submit your design before the submission deadline is reached to enter the competition.

2. Vote

Once your work is submitted and the deadline is reached all submissions are posted. You then have 7 days to submit and collect votes from the Crowwwn community.

3. Win

At the end of the 7 day voting period, the designer with the most votes wins a cash prize. If you don't get the most votes you can still win by being chosen by the Crowwwn team or one of our guest judges.

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Pooja C.

"Signing up for the Crowwwn challenges has been one of the best decisions I have made as a learner in the field of UI/UX. The amazingly crafted weekly challenges help you to take your thinking to the next level and improve both your thinking and design process. I am glad to be a part of the Crowwwn community!"

Adithya G.

"The Crowwwn weekly challenges have been a driving force for me to design something new every week, which serves as a way to practice and has helped me immensely. I appreciate the hard work and dedication towards the design community."


Sachin B.

"I have been participating in Crowwwn's weekly design challenges and they have helped me improve both my UX and UI skills. It's a great way for new designers to learn and grow."

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