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Practice, compete, and

get feedback

on your UX Design work

Crowwwn is the best place to learn design by doing. Improve skills, win prizes, and get feedback from our community of designers.

Practice Design

If you’re looking for a free way to practice UX Design, Crowwwn offers multiple design challenges to help you grow your skills.


Join our community for weekly UX Design challenges with fellow members to boost your skills and creativity.

Stay tuned for new design challenges coming soon.


Once you submit your design, it will be voted on anonymously by our members for 7 days. Become a member to vote for your favorite designs



Our challenge winners have a chance to receive a free membership, along with credits to obtain valuable feedback on their work.

It's our way of recognizing and supporting exceptional talent within our community.

Past challenge submissions

Design Competitions

We regularly host design competitions where winners win prizes such as cash, gift cards, or can give their winnings to charity.


Join our month-long design competitions to create detailed case studies. It's a great way to showcase your skills and take on more extensive design projects.
Stay tuned for new design challenges coming soon.


Our competitions are evaluated by a panel of design professionals who are experts in the field. This offers you a chance to receive recognition from industry leaders.



Competition winners have the opportunity to claim exciting prizes, including cash rewards, gift cards, or the option to contribute their winnings to a charity of their choice. It's our way of celebrating your design excellence.

“ I have seen the most improvement as a designer when I am practicing and getting feedback from other designers.”

- 92% of 200 designers polled

Feedback Exchange

Participate in our feedback exchange to receive valuable insights on your designs. Earn credits by providing feedback to fellow designers then use those credits to receive constructive feedback on your own work.






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